Virtual Presentation Avatars
The company has created virtual character images for various domestic enterprises, including virtual doctors, virtual tour guides, virtual idols, virtual hosts, virtual teachers, etc., used in various industries. They are currently online on platforms such as Douyin, corporate websites, and educational platforms. The advantage of virtual characters lies in their multiple images, multilingual capabilities, and multi-platform interfaces, which can meet customers’ flexible deployment needs and ultimately form an ecological alliance.

Virtual Avatars

Education App (3D)

3D Educative virtual reality app

CLIENT CASE: Education App production

This case is about building an immersive teaching metaverse app called “Youth Creations” for the TAL Education Group in 2022.
The map is created using 3D software to construct scenes. Later, it enters a virtual engine for program editing and VR simulation to present a lifelike visual and virtual interaction. Teachers lead students in the virtual world, allowing them to learn the cultural characteristics, historical stories, and ecology of humans, animals, and plants from different eras from a first-person perspective.