Pangu Studios (Fuxin)

Most of our Fuxin office employees

Liaoning Pangu AI tech co., ltd. & Fuxin Tianhuo Animation Culture & Medias co., ltd
Address: Building A, Baodi Tower, Kuanggong St., Hebei Avenue, Haizhou District, Fuxin city, Liaoning Province, China

QR code for Pangu offices in Fuxin, China
Preview of the virtual visit of Pangu Studios office in Fuxin

Fuxin office
virtual visit

Pangu Studios (Shenyang)

Photo of Pangu Studios employees at our Shenyang office

Liaoning Yuanchuang Animation Tech Co., ltd & Hopes Culture & Medias co., ltd
Address: Office 201, Cross-border E-commerce Industry Incubation Center, No. 2 Huanhe South Street, Huanggu District, Shenyang City, Liaoning Province, China

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