About Us

        Liaoning Pangu Culture Media Co., Ltd. was established in 2018. It began as Pangu Animation Studio in 2008 and, after several years of hard work and progress, we gained a good reputation in the CG field. Our business volume surged. To meet the needs of our business development, we subsequently established Fuxin Tianhuo Animation Culture Communication Co., Ltd., Liaoning Hopes Culture Media Co., Ltd., and Liaoning Yuanchuang Animation Technology Co., Ltd. These branches are located in Shenyang and Fuxin, Liaoning Province.

       Our main business activities include animation production, game art asset production, virtual characters, digital life, and more. Since its establishment, the core concept of providing high-quality and stable services to customers has allowed us to successfully provide complete solutions to various domestic and international industries. We have established stable cooperation with large enterprises. Our office space covers an area of over 2,000 square meters, with more than 200 full-time employees and over 300 part-time employees in other cities and abroad.

       The company’s annual average animation output is approximately 800 minutes, steadily increasing at a rate of 15% annually. In 2018, we exceeded 2,000 minutes, ranking among the top animation companies in Liaoning Province. We have participated in the production of nearly a hundred animated projects, including CCTV-1’s “The Monkey King,” “Big Head Son and Little Head Father,” CCTV Children’s Channel’s “Adventures of Haohao’s Text Kingdom,” CCTV-6’s “Chinese Moral Stories,” CCTV Drama Channel’s “Wulin Wai Chuan,” Beijing TV’s Kakutoon’s “The Cutest Person,” Beijing Science Film Studio’s “Little Ant,” Japanese animation 【confidential info】, and French animation 【confidential info】,among others.

       All projects were completed successfully.

       In 2016, the animated series “The Cutest Person,” entirely produced by our company, was nominated for the Television Animation Program Award at the 24th Television Art Starlight Awards by the National Radio and Television Administration. The public service animation “I’m Afraid of Firecrackers” received an Excellence Award in the First Beijing Green and Environmental Protection Theme Animation Public Service Advertisement Design Competition. The overall production of “The Journey of Prince Ceylon,” produced by us in 2019, will be broadcast on Beijing Kakutoon Children’s TV at the end of 2021.

       After several years of development, we have established stable, friendly, and long-term cooperation relationships with numerous domestic and international animation organizations and investors. These include China Central Television (CCTV), Good Future Group, Beijing Television, Tencent Video, Huayi Brothers Media Corporation, and Shanghai Taomee Animation, among other well-known companies in the industry.